Low Cost


At Your Fingertip

Small Size. Rich-Positional Data.

Seeing LiDAR in a New Light

Voyant Photonics is revolutionizing 3D LiDAR systems, developing a low-cost engine built on a silicon photonic chip smaller than your finger tip. 

Small Chip With Big Applications

The reduction in size, weight and cost places our technology at the forefront of autonomous vehicles and robotics development.


Advanced Driver Assistance  Systems and self driving cars set to transform the automotive sector depend on LiDAR Technology

LiDAR enables autonomous mobile robots to retrieve 3D and high-resolution mining data while avoiding risk to human life

Drones, Unmanned Flying Vehicles rely on LiDAR for aeiral mapping, surveying critical infrastructure and security monitoring.

The size of our engine is ideal for integration with mobile devices running Augmented Reality applications


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