The Senior Laser Photonics Designer is a crucial role at the center of the LIDAR system. The laser is the core of the LIDAR engine on our chip and is the key to the LIDAR system performing at long range with high resolution. You are bridging the gap between laser design and silicon photonics design, while working closely with manufacturing partners as well as electronics and packaging teams. You will have experience in laser design and testing and knowledge of III/V photonic design and manufacturing. Your role will be to lead and work closely with a team in a dynamic environment.

Our Senior CMOS Designer is a critical role in creating our LIDAR system. You will have in-depth experience in digital circuit specification, DACs and their cousins ADCs, and design and verification for ASIC/Mixed-Signal SoC. You will have strong analytic and communication skills and enjoy collaborating closely with a small team. 

Voyant Photonics: A tiny lidar chip with huge potential

Our Signal Processing engineer is a critical role in turning our sensors into a robust LIDAR system, and will require novel perspective to extract signal from noise.  You will have experience in active sensing systems, LIDAR signal path modeling and design, adaptive signal processing, FMCW signal processing, detection & estimation, and adaptive control. 

You will  be involved in the entire development cycle starting from design/analysis, to algorithm development, simulation modeling, implementation and product integration and testing. You will enjoy collaborating with a small team in a dynamic environment. 

LiDAR Systems Engineer

Just because you are last on this list doesn’t make you any less critical. You will be an expert in LIDAR system modeling and architecture, including mechanical and thermal system modeling, and embedded system data path design. You will work closely with other team members in a dynamic environment.


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