Senior Hardware Design Engineer

This position puts you at the heart of our team.  Working closely with each component development team, you’ll be leveraging your engineering skills, industry knowledge, design,  testing, and debugging skills to guide product development and put everything together to insure everyone’s efforts result in a well-integrated, compelling, commercial product.


You make the magic happen. You will  be involved in the entire development cycle starting from design/analysis, to  product integration and testing. You will enjoy collaborating and driving results with a small team in a dynamic environment.

If you are a skilled and seasoned Electrical Engineer, well versed in mixed signal design, who takes a holistic view of device development and enjoys shipping product this is a great job for you.

What you’ll be doing:


  • Design, test, and characterize mixed-signal and multi-functional printed circuit boards (PCBs) for our products.

  • Define and build the electronics to interface with our lidar sensor, including sensor readout, control circuits, data interface, and power supply.

  • Collaborate with product, photonics, system, test, and software teams across the company to design the electronics that meets all the requirements.

  • Work closely with the test team to define test cases that captured all the failures that could occur in the electronics prior to final product assembly.


What we would like from you:


  • 5+ years industry experience working in close collaboration with component teams to build and ship  successful commercial products.

  • Ability to understand, articulate, and document how each component should integrate into final product

  • Advanced knowledge of circuit design and board design with the ability to present tradeoffs for power & current requirements, data signal integrity, thermal management, and I/O interfaces inform design decisions.

  • Demonstrated success in making “build vs. buy” decisions with thorough knowledge of existing technologies and their applicability/limits

  • Complete familiarity with electronic hardware (e.g. PCB, semiconductor devices, etc.) and test equipment (e.g. oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform generator, data acquisition, etc.)

  • Experience with board-level electronics testing and debugging.

  • BS/MS Electrical Engineering

Lidar Signal Processing Engineer

In this critical role, You’ll be combining your advanced signal processing skills to our industry-leading silicon photonics hardware technology to deliver a game changing lidar sensor.

You will  be involved in the entire development cycle starting from design/analysis, to algorithm development, simulation modeling, implementation and product integration and testing. You will enjoy collaborating with a small team in a dynamic environment.

This is a unique opportunity to apply your FMCW signal processing knowledge to new applications for ubiquitous sensing in everything from transportation and robotics to human-machine interaction.

What you’ll be doing:


  • Developing advanced signal processing algorithms for FMCW lidar 

  • Designing efficient solutions to challenging sensor performance requirements

  • Verification and validation of sensor behavior and performance

  • Optimizing detection performance, system precision, and system accuracy 

  • Working closely with FW and FPGA engineers to implement algorithms on an embedded real-time platform 

  • Working with a broad team of optical physicists, electrical engineers and robotic perception experts to solve multi-disciplinary challenges


What we would like from you:


  • 5+ years of experience in modern radar or coherent lidar signal processing

  • Demonstrate success in implementation of analog signal processing and performance characterization in a production environment

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver in a fast-paced environments

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or related degree


As a plus


  • Experience bringing lasers, photonics, optics, fiber optics, mixed signal electrical or Lidar systems to market.

  • Computer vision or other image processing experience

  • Experience with end-to-end simulation of lidar and/or radar systems

FPGA Engineer

You are the person charged with taking our raw sensor data and generating continuous wave lidar point cloud images. You will work closely with algorithms specialists to process and output the real-time 5D sensor data we deliver to our customers.


Additionally, you will be serving as an important liaison between hardware and software of our sensors by implementing control systems that maintain the operation of the hardware while ensuring the integrity of the sensor data output.


What you’ll be doing:


  • Creating real time, efficient digital signal processing algorithms on an FPGA for high-throughput lidar sensor data

  • Implementing lidar sensor active control systems on an FPGA

  • Leading the FPGA development process, including architecture definition, code simulation, RTL development and verification, hardware validation and final testing


What we would like from you:


  • BS/MS in Electrical and/or Computer Engineering or related field.

  • 3-5 years' hands on FPGA Design Experience using Verilog and/or VHDL for Xilinx or Altera devices.

  • Knowledge or experience with Digital Signal Processing technology.

  • Experience designing and implementing DSP blocks in FPGAs.

  • Experience with bring-up and debugging new hardware systems


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