Enabling Machines

To Sense Their World

We are creating a new class of devices that fit in the palm of your hand, measure range, velocity, and reflectivity more accurately than anything available today, and sell for costs low enough to meet the needs of any system. 

Seeing LiDAR in a New Light

Voyant Photonics is revolutionizing 3D LiDAR systems, developing a low-cost engine built on a silicon photonic chip smaller than your finger tip. 

We come from Columbia’s Lipson Nanophotonics Group, world renown for pushing the boundaries of Silicon Photonics.  We are applying the the science of emitting, sensing, steering, and processing light on a silicon chip to create  a new category of sensors

Unlike the bulky, complex LiDAR systems of today, we  are a
dopting mature, scalable technology from the datacom industry to fabricate sopisticated LIDAR systems on a single low cost semiconductor device.  


Small Chip With Big Applications

Affordable 3D sensing that can fit almost anywhere and  measure beyond 100 meters. 


This will change everything.  


Contact us for spec sheets and our white paper. 

What will you use it for? 


ADAS and  autonomous vehicles depend on LIDAR to increase safety, providing the ability for systems to respond in real time to changes in the surrounding environment.

Our LiDAR systems will enable a new generation of low cost, highly capable autonomous robots especially in outdoor environments where complex requirements are hard to meet with current solutions. 

Real-time  position and velocity enable rapid scene analysis in all lighting conditions, or when there is no lighting, protecting your  assets, keeping out intruders, and assuring safe distancing.

Industrial  systems, field operations, and factory automation enter a new era when 3D imaging that works in any lighting situation and immune from EMI, can be easily added to every factory and worksite. 


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